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For our citizens not familiar with what a Fire Protection District is, let us explain. A Fire Protection District is a municipal corporation and has all powers necessary or appropriate in order to engage in the acquisition, establishment, maintenance and operation of fire stations, facilities, vehicles, apparatus and equipment for the prevention and control of fire therein and the underwater recovery of drowning victims, and provide as nearly adequate protection from fire for lives and property within the districts as possible and regulate the prevention and control of fire therein.

In short.... we are your fire department. We are a government body created to provide fire protection. A Fire Protection District is a separate government entity that is supported directly by the citizens living within the boundaries of the district. The Fire District is supported by property taxes collected by the county that the district is located in.

The Fire District is governed by Fire Trustees who are voted into office by the voters living within the district boundaries. We set policy for the district, manage and conduct the business affairs of the district, make and execute all necessary contracts, employ any necessary services and perform all acts necessary to carry out the goals and mission of the Fire District. We employ a Fire Chief to carry out the daily functions of the Fire Department.

The Limestone Township Fire Protection District has five fire trustees, each serving a term of six years. We stagger the terms so that we have no more than two trustees running for re-election at the same time. Unless excused, we attend one public meeting per month to do fire district business. These meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month at 7:00pm. Each trustee lives within the fire district and is a registered voter.

We believe that we serve the citizens of the Limestone Township Fire Protection District to the best of our ability. We provide you the best fire protection and emergency medical services that we can with your tax dollars. We believe every tax dollar we receive goes right back to our citizens in the form of service.

If any citizen living in Limestone Township Fire Protection District wants to contact one of the five elected trustees, please phone or e-mail us at the numbers and addresses listed. We also invite any of our citizens to our public meetings.

Thank you for your support,
Board of Trustees

Cindy Weber - President
Tom Helfrich - Vice President
Barry Campen- Treasurer
Jeff Hoffman - Secretary
Keith Steele - Trustee

To contact a trustee:
7800 W. Plank Rd.
Peoria, Illinois 61607
(309) 697-4312

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